Julian Bradley

State Senator

Senate District 28

In 2002, Julian had a conversation with his mom, a lifelong Democrat, that changed everything. While debating the subject of abortion, she accused Julian of being a Republican, which led him to research the party platforms. It turned out his mom was right – and Julian joined the Republican Party that day.

Like many conservatives, Julian first got involved by making phone calls and knocking on doors. His fellow grassroots Republicans expressed their confidence in his abilities by voting him into positions of leadership. He served as a county chairman, a district vice-chairman, and, in 2015, as chairman of the Republican State Convention. In these roles, Julian has worked to elect conservative candidates by raising money, organizing events, and advocating for the party grassroots on the Republican State Executive Committee.

“I believe in the American Dream because I’ve lived it. As Republicans, we work to keep that dream alive. We are united behind the idea that everyone can achieve success through hard work, rather than government handouts. We believe in the power of individual liberty, of initiative, and of the pursuit of greatness – in all of its forms.”

-Julian Bradley