Make A Difference Get Involved With Local Politics

Participation in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections set record numbers for voter turnout. More Americans are becoming involved in politics than in previous decades. Voting in elections is an essential civic duty, but there are ways to become more involved and advocate for positive change in your community. While voter turnouts are high, involvement in civics has been trending steadily downward.

How to Run For Office

The most effective method of advocating for and making changes at the local level is running for office. If you are an ambitious person who is willing to put in the time and effort, consider running for a local elected position. Even if you don’t think you could win, use the opportunity to speak on issues that have room for improvement and resonate with your fellow citizens. Politics has become synonymous with corruption and so-called “dark money.” Be the positive change and use the political realm as a tool to advocate for positive change in your community.

Don’t Think You Can Win?

There are other ways to become involved without running for office:

  • Attend meetings: Become aware of upcoming plans, and let your voice be heard before problematic plans can be implemented.
  • Ask questions and call your local representatives: Calling your local reps shows them how a particular decision or policy affects their voter base. Speaking your mind on decisions and/or approaches will help politicians when making future decisions.
  • Partake in community associations: Becoming a part of groups that you value will help you see how politics affects your area of interest. You can also use insights gained through your involvement to transition into larger roles.
  • Volunteer for a political campaign: Not everyone has the desire or the time to run for office. Use your communication, marketing, planning, or fundraising skills to assist an election campaign.