absentee votingIn Racine County

Any registered voter in the state of Wisconsin may request an absentee ballot if they so choose. Before requesting an absentee ballot, you must be a registered voter and show identification with a government-issued photo ID. You do not need to have an excuse for voting absentee.

Voter I.D. Laws

Wisconsin voting laws are defined in state law Section 6.79(2)(a). You MUST show a photo valid ID to vote. When requesting an absentee ballot, you must submit a copy of your photo ID before the absentee ballot can be mailed to you. The following persons are exempt from photo ID requirements:

  • Active military and permanent overseas voters
  • Indefinitely confined voters who vote via absentee ballot
  • Voters in special care facilities

Absentee ballots are mailed 3 weeks before local (spring) elections and 47 days before national (fall) elections. 

Receiving an Absentee Ballot

Inside your envelope, you will find the following:

    • Instructions
    • Ballot
    • Return Envelope

Absentee voters must have someone witness them completing their absentee ballot. Your witness will need to sign and provide their address on the certificate of your return envelope. The witness signature confirms the voter voted the ballot and placed it in the envelope for return. Your witness can be any adult U.S. citizen except for a candidate on your ballot.

When Returning a Completed Absentee Ballot, remember the following:

    • Use a blue or black pen to complete your ballot
    • Review your name and address on the return envelope to ensure it’s correct
    • Put your ballot in the return envelope
    • Sign and date the certificate on the return envelope
    • Have your witnesses sign and write their address on the return envelope
    • Mail or deliver your ballot to your clerk by the deadline

Returning Your Ballot

DO NOT DELAY!  Return your ballot as soon as possible to ensure your vote is counted. Below is a schedule to keep in mind when returning your ballot.

  • Returning by mail: The U.S. Postal Service recommends absentee ballots be mailed one week before Election Day to arrive in time
  • Return/drop-off in-person: Keep in mind that your completed absentee ballot must be delivered to your municipal clerk's office, one of their designated drop-off locations, or your polling place no later than 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.


Requesting An Absentee Ballot

When requesting an absentee ballot, your application must be received by the clerk before 5:00 PM on the Thursday before the election to give your ballot time to be mailed to you. A copy of your photo ID must also be provided with your ballot request. If you are requesting an absentee ballot for the first time, you must send your photo ID along with your ballot application. All completed absentee ballots must be submitted to the municipal clerk before 8:00 PM on Election Day.

In-Person Absentee Voting

In-person absentee voting also called “Early Voting” opens two weeks before the election, not including weekends. The dates and hours for in-person absentee voting vary between municipalities. Check with your municipal clerk to determine the office hours in your municipality. If you apply for an absentee ballot in person, your ballot must be filled out immediately, sealed in an envelope, and given to a person on the clerk’s staff.