GOTV - Volunteer TODAY!

As we reach the last week of the campaign, the office needs a lot of help to Get Out the Vote. We are going to need the phones full and doors knocked at all times.
I will also need the front desk monitored and volunteers fed at all times as well. If you can help or sign up for at least two shifts between now and June 5th in the office please contact Joe at 608-298-8441. Let's not wake up on June 6th regretting that we could have done a little more.

Thank You, Joe Leveratto

Josef Leveratto Field Director
Republican Party of Wisconsin 6211 Durand Ave. Suite 203 Racine, WI 53406

Thursday, May 24th 2012 please attend Senator Wanggaard / Lehman forum at 7:00pm

Live Candidates Forum for 21st Senate District Race Set for May 24

Patch, with a couple of our media partners, are hosting, broadcasting and streaming live a candidate forum for the recall election in the 21st Senate District. We have a May 24 date at Mount Pleasant Village Hall. Will you join us?

State Sen. Van Wanggaard and former state Sen. John Lehman have both agreed to participate in a live candidates forum for therecall election in the 21st Senate District.

Sponsored by the Caledonia and Mount Pleasant-Sturtevant Patch sites, with help from WGTD Radio, the debate is scheduled from 7 to 8:30 pm May 24 at Mount Pleasant Village Hall, 8811 Campus Drive.

WGTD will broadcast the forum live on 91.1FM.

Lehman came out the winner of the May 8 recall primary against Tamra Varebrook, the "protest" candidate tapped by the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Our moderator for the evening will be Patch Regional Editor Mark Maley, and our timekeeper will be Bob Haggarty, president of Haggarty Insurance and Financial Services in Kenosha.

The format will go as follows:

  • 90-minutes, from 7 to 8:30 pm
  • Candidates will each have two (2) minute introductions
  • Six (6) questions prepared by Patch and WGTD
  • Candidates will alternate answering questions with three (3) minutes for their primary answer
  • Each candidate will get an additional minute for rebuttal and response
  • Upon entering the auditorium, audience members will be asked to write questions on notecards, which will be delivered to the moderator
  • Moderator will choose four (4) questions that are different than what has already been asked
  • Candidates will each have three (3) minutes to answer, again alternating who answers first
  • There will not be rebuttals during this portion of the forum
  • Candidates will each have two (2) minute conclusions

We hope to see you there.

Republican Party to Open Victory Center for Racine County

January 4, 2012 The State Republican Party will officially opened up the Racine County GOP Victory Center, 6211 Durand Ave on Saturday, January 7th.  The Victory Center will be the hub for all GOP candidates in 2012 and will begin to receive collateral material such as literature, signs, bumper stickers and other items immediately.

"Racine is central to ensuring a Republican victories in 2012 and the State Party has recognized that.  In 2010, 56% of Racine County voted for Governor Walker and Senator Johnson and 52% voted for State Senator Wanggaard," stated Racine County GOP Chairman, Bill Folk.  "Racine is ready to do it again in 2012."

The Victory Center will be staffed Monday through Saturday 9-9.

Grand Opening to be held Saturday, January 7th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Please join Senator Van Wanggaard and many other Racine County Elected Officials to learn how you can help keep Governor Walker, Lt. Governor Kleefisch and Senator Wanggaard in office

Phone: 262-864-1010


Lawsuit Filed Against the Government Accountability Board

Lawsuit Filed Against the Government Accountability Board

Author: Nicole.Larson

[MADISON, WI]- The Republican Party of Wisconsin is announcing the filing today of a complaint in Waukesha County Circuit Court against the Government Accountability Board, on grounds that the GAB is violating the Equal Protection Rights of those Wisconsin electors who have chosen to NOT sign a recall petition.

This lawsuit comes on the heels of repeated allegations that individuals have signed recall petitions multiple times. The GAB has stated "that there is no specific prohibition on a person signing a recall petition more than once." Under the Fourteenth Amendment, all individuals are guaranteed Equal Protection under the law; as such, those who sign a recall petition more than once are disenfranchising the millions of Wisconsin citizens who choose not to sign a recall petition.

"The decision of one individual who chooses to sign a recall petition should not carry more weight than the decision of another who chooses not to sign," said Stephan Thompson, executive director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. "This lawsuit seeks to protect the Wisconsin electors whose voices have been trumped by those purposefully signing multiple petitions."

In response to these allegations, the GAB has cited state statute that says the Walker campaign may have a 10 day period to review the recall petitions so as to identify and challenge duplicate signatures. This position, rather than correcting the problem, simply exacerbates it. The Walker campaign will have only 10 days to examine, compare and challenge over 540,000 signatures – more than 50,000 signatures per day. Under the circumstances, any effort to fully examine these signatures will be practically impossible.

The GAB's position that it is the responsibility of the Walker campaign to identify and challenge duplicate signatures flies in the face of the idea of a fair electoral process.

View the complaint here:

Recall Integrity Center

Statewide, the Recall Integrity Center is the central location for documenting and investigating any cases of fraud, intimidation, or other shady tactics as the left attempts to recall Governor Walker.

Please submit videos, recordings, and incident reports documenting the strong armed tactics of big labor and the Democrats so we can ensure they are held accountable for their actions.