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As we reach the last week of the campaign, the office needs a lot of help to Get Out the Vote. We are going to need the phones full and doors knocked at all times.
I will also need the front desk monitored and volunteers fed at all times as well. If you can help or sign up for at least two shifts between now and June 5th in the office please contact Joe at 608-298-8441. Let's not wake up on June 6th regretting that we could have done a little more.

Thank You, Joe Leveratto

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RNC Statement On Senate Health Care Mark-Up


September 25, 2009

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WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele released the following statement today:

“If Americans are looking to separate fact from fiction on health care reform, they need look no further than this week’s proceedings in the Senate. Every time Democrats had the opportunity to back up the president’s words with their votes, they failed to do so. Republicans offered an amendment to avoid cutting Medicare benefits, but Democrats rejected it. Republicans offered an amendment prohibiting a government board that would ration care, but Democrats rejected it. Republicans offered amendments to prevent tax increases to pay for government-run health care, but Democrats rejected them, too.

“Democrats have rejected amendment after amendment offered by Republicans. They opted to put the political agenda of President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi ahead of our economy and our health care system time after time. What voters learned this week is Democrats, including Sens. Lincoln and Conrad, are clearly more interested in brushing aside Republican ideas and ramming through a government-run health care plan that Americans don’t want and can’t afford.”


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