US Senate Endorsements

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August 9, 2012

Board Members Individually Endorse US Senate Candidates

Racine County GOP does not endorse a single candidate but many

The Racine County Republican Party Board of Directors has discussed the possibility of endorsing a candidate for US Senate and we have come to the conclusion that all four of our Republican Candidates will be able to defeat the ultra-liberal Madisonite the State Democrat Party has put up to replace Senator Kohl.

Therefore since we as a board are divided on who we support we felt that we may be able to provide some guidance to our members by expressing some of our personal endorsements.

Bill Folk, Chairman, endorses Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald.

Dona Poelman, Vice Chairman, endorses Eric Hovde.

Lou D’Abbraccio, elected board member, endorses Eric Hovde.

Sue Ermert, elected board member, endorses Governor Tommy Thompson.

Mike Gabbey, appointed board member, endorses Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald.

Bill Jaeck, appointed board member, endorses Governor Tommy Thompson.

Nancy Milholland, appointed board member, endorses Eric Hovde.

Tamra Varebrook, WRoseW delegate, endorses Eric Hovde.