Press Release - Teachers of RUSD should be Ashamed

For Immediate Release February 17, 2011

Contact: Bill Folk, Chairman, 414-975-3600

Teachers of RUSD should be Ashamed

'Sick-out' prompts RUSD to close schools and puts parents in tenuous situation

With a bill in front of the State senate today which would limit State Workers' compensation increases to the Consumer Price Index and would require that employees contribute a mere 6% to their retirement plan and only 12% to their healthcare insurance the teachers of RUSD told the taxpayers of Racine that the children's daily education doesn't matter.

"How can any teacher within RUSD look at a parent and say 'I care about your child'?" asked Bill Folk, Chairman of the Racine County Republican Party. "Those same parents are working hard to pay their entire retirement and upwards of 20% for their healthcare insurance and these teachers are calling in "sick" because they might have to pay 6% of their retirement cost and 12% of their healthcare insurance. These teachers should be ashamed!"

Today RUSD had to call school off for all of the 21,000 children who attend because of the large number of teachers who called in 'sick.' This leaves hard working parents with the choice of losing wages or paying for last minute daycare. Either way this will leave a bad taste in the mouths of people around Racine.

"What are these teachers teaching our children today with this behavior?" asked Chairman Folk.