Budget Repair Bill is a Good Start

February 11, 2011Contact: Bill Folk, Chairman, 414-975-3600

Budget Repair Bill is a Good Start

Representative Mason remains out of touch with the people of Racine

Today Governor Walker introduced an Emergency Budget Repair Bill that will immediately addressthe $137 million dollar deficit in our state's current budget. Additionally this will begin to speak to theDemocrat raid on the Patients' Compensation Fund of $225 million.

This bill will:

- require all public sector employees that are in the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) to contribute50% of the annual retirement contribution - require all state employees to contribute an average of 12.6% (up from only 6%) of the cost of theirhealth insurance – far less than most workers in the private sector contribute. - limit most public employee collective bargaining to wage negotiations only - limit increases in total wage compensation on collective bargaining to the increase in the ConsumerPrice Index (CPI) unless approved by a referendum - prohibit Limited Term Employees (part-time employees) from being eligible for healthcare benefits andparticipation in the WRS

The Racine County Republican Party supports Governor Walker and his attempts to control spending inWisconsin. Without these actions the Governor has made it clear that implementation of furloughs andlayoffs would have to result in order to bring the budget back in line.

"I was shocked to read that Representative Mason (D - Racine) believes that this bill is "an assault onWisconsin’s working families" and that it "is an attack on the hardworking men and women in Racine"stated Bill Folk, Racine County GOP Chairman. "If Representative Mason would spend any time withthe people of Racine who work in the private sector he would quickly realize the he is woefully out oftouch."

"Ask yourself this: how much do you contribute to your own retirement and healthcare plans? Is it fairto ask the taxpayers to foot the bill for those who pay far less than we do?" asked Chairman Folk

Authorized and Paid for by the Racine County Republican Party, Tom Bode, Treasurer