RCGOP PRESS RELEASE - State Democrats are becoming desperate

For Immediate Release January 26, 2011

Contact: Bill Folk, Chairman, 414-975-3600

State Democrats are becoming desperate

Congressman Ryan represents WI well

Last night Congressman Paul Ryan responded to President Obama's State of the Union Speech. His thoughtful response highlighted the stark contrast between the fiscal irresponsibility of the Obama Administration and the Republican position. Congressman Ryan spoke about the $3 trillion dollars that Democrats have recklessly added to the deficit in two short years, and what Congressional Republicans are doing to ensure that the will of the people, as expressed in the overwhelming mandate of November, is upheld.

It took less than 12 hours for the State Democrat Party to pull out the political tricks rather than respond with real solutions here in Racine County. Flyers containing the false claim that "Paul Ryan's budget plan relies on massive cuts to Medicare, including a ration program" were distributed today in Racine County and throughout the 1st Congressional District yesterday.

"While the Parties may not agree with each other, it is up to us to put out reasoned responses not continue with scare tactics like those employed by the State Democrat Party this morning," stated Bill Folk, Racine County Republican Party Chairman. "By continuing to scare seniors and ignoring the fact that the program needs to be reformed for those that will need it in the future only continues to create a divide with no fix."

Congressman Ryan's Road Map for America's Future preserves Medicare in its current form for all people over the age of 55. This is stated plainly in the Road Map, which may be found at

"The "vouchers" handed out by the Democrats are insulting and juvenile at best, and are based on their deliberate misrepresentation of the bill," commented Chairman Folk, adding "Maybe they should fully read what the Congressman is proposing before continuing the spread of false claims. The voters of Wisconsin deserve better, they deserve civility and truth, not insults and lies."