Congressman Neumann Defends Vote for $9 Billion in Pork

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Congressman Neumann Defends Vote for $9 Billion in Pork Uses Personal Millions Distance Himself from Record in D.C.

Wauwatosa – Keith Gilkes, campaign manager for Scott Walker, released the following statement on Mark Neumann’s defense of his vote to joinNancy Pelosi in supporting one of the largest transportation bills in history.

“Wisconsin voters continue to ask about the difference between Scott Walker and Congressman Neumann,” said Walker campaign manager Keith Gilkes.  “Congressman Neumann has been spending millions of his personal wealth trying to scrub clean his six runs for office and his support for one of the largest pork barrel spending bills in history while in Washington.

Just because Congressman Neumann is on TV saying he’s an ‘outsider’ and a ‘conservative’ doesn’t change his record in Washington - in 1998 Congressman Neumann joined Nancy Pelosi in supporting a bill filled with $9 billion dollars in pork barrel spending.  The bill included the first funds Congress authorized for the "Bridge to Nowhere" and a highway through Canada.  When questioned Sunday on why he supported a bill that Jim Sensenbrenner called "pork-barreling at its worst,” what was Neumann’s defense?  He said that he voted for the $9 billion pork bill because ‘many other Republicans did too.’

Scott Walker has a true record of reform – fighting out of control government spending, cutting his debt by 10%, reducing his workforce by 20%, and holding the line on taxes – all while having a surplus in his most recent budget.”

Congressman Neumann has been spending his personal millions to distance himself from his time in Washington, D.C., saying that he is a ‘conservative’ and not a ‘career politician,’ regardless of the fact he has run for office six times, and while in DC, voted for a bill that included $9 billion in pork - the type of spending bill he says he’s against.

FACT: Jim Sensenbrenner called this bill "pork-barreling at its worst" while the Wall Street Journal said it was a "pork-fest" and "one of the great logrolling parties of all time." Stephen Moore said the bill was "an affront to the platform on which Republicans rode into town: making government smaller and smarter."

FACT: The bill included the first funds Congress authorized for the "Bridge to Nowhere" in Alaska, money for a highway in Canada, and $9 billion in other pork projects. 

FACT: Congressman Mark Neumann voted for this bill.  One month later, Congressman Bud Shuster (the powerful chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee) hosted a fundraiser for Neumann's campaign.   

FACT: Mark Neumann is spending millions of his own money to create an image that is contrary to many of these votes in Congress.

You can watch the ad “Congressman Neumann” HERE

“Congressman Neumann” Ad Script

Mark Neumann says he’s against big government spending.

But in 1998, Congressman Neumann voted for one of the largest transportation bills in history.

A bill that contained $9 billion in pork barrel spending.

Including funding for the infamous bridge to nowhere. 

And a highway in Canada.  

You know who else voted for that $9 billion in pork barrel spending?

Nancy Pelosi.

Take a closer look at Mark Neumann, remind you of anyone?

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