Separating Fact from Fiction

Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor Separating Fact from Fiction!

Not only am I a conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor, I'm also a voter.  Like you, I want to know the truth about candidates for office as much as the next guy.  When things are stated about candidates that are untrue, they need to be addressed directly by the candidate but often those untruths aren't corrected.  Because I'm not into politics as usual, and I want you to be an informed voter, I would like to tell you where I stand on a few more issues.
You may have heard a discussion on a southern Wisconsin radio show that incorrectly stated where I stood on a few issues.  More on that shortly.
Here are the facts:
For those of you that don't know me, I am the mayor of Superior, a former small business owner for over 20 years, and now a candidate for Lieutenant Governor.  I married my wife Lynn 37 years ago and we now have 4 married daughters, 12 grandchildren with our 13th due in October.
I ran for my first term as mayor of Superior because the city's government wanted to raise taxes again; that time by 13%.  I won that election as a staunch conservative, and card-carrying Republican, in a very strong Democratic area that voted 65% for Obama in 2008.
As mayor, I led the way to reduce the city's debt, spending, and the size of government while running the city efficiently and without a reduction in city services.  I am pro-life/pro-family and I'm the only candidate with executive experience to receive the endorsement of all three major pro-life/pro-family organizations in Wisconsin.  I'm an ardent backer of second amendment rightsthat are not only important to the people of Wisconsin, but to the citizens of this country.
Back to the radio program:  It was incorrectly stated that I was in favor of high speed rail and that I do not support our second amendment rights.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I actually called the radio station, during that discussion, and I was flat-out denied the opportunity to set the record straight or to present the facts.

I have NEVER, in public or in private, supported high speed rail.  There is one document in which my name appears regarding improvement of the state's infrastructure, yet the radio discussion and some of my opponents, distorted that document to say that I support high speed rail.  Let me be clear:  The high speed rail project is nothing but a liberal "feel-good" project that will ultimately end up costing the Wisconsin taxpayers millions every year until it's derailed.

Our second amendment rights are something I hold dear to my heart.  Living in a state with more lakes than Minnesota (the land of 10,000 lakes), I value hunting and fishing about as much as anyone.  I know first hand how important second amendment rights are to every citizen in Wisconsin, and the country for that matter.  Furthermore, I will do whatever possible to ensure that conceal and carry legislation is passed in Wisconsin as soon as possible.
Once again, years ago there was a document from an organization that I, along with other mayors, signed that stated we were against:
  • illegal immigration and,
  • those convicted of a felony in another country could not possess a firearm in the United States.
Several years ago, that organization changed and added to its positions, which prompted me to immediately resign and have my name removed and I also organized others to do the same.  The National Rifle Association even thanked me for my efforts.
The future of Wisconsin, and the amount of government intrusion, deception, higher taxes, and job losses you're willing to tolerate is critically at stake in this election.  I am the only candidate for Lieutenant Governor with an actual record of Proven, Dependable leadership that has already solved these and other problems.
I need your help in getting my message out.  Thanks in advance for forwarding this information to your friends and family.  If you'd like more information as to where I stand on other issues, or you have any questions, please visit my website at or call me directly at (218) 390-2369.
Dave Ross - Proven Dependable Leadership

Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor


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