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Over the next 13 days I will be traveling the state to talk about my plan to transform the lieutenant governor’s office into Wisconsin’s top taxpayer watchdog constantly focused on exposing and eliminating wasteful government spending.

Last week I unveiled my first radio ad which you can listen to by clicking here.  Soon I will be launching my first TV ad entitled “Taxpayer Watchdog.”  You can get a sneak preview of the ad here.  If you agree with my vision for the office of lieutenant governor, please donate to my campaign so I can reach more voters.

But talk is cheap—actions speak louder than words.  While lots of candidates this election cycle have a “plan” to reduce the size of government, I have a proven record of voting to cut taxes.  While serving in the State Assembly I voted to:

-Eliminate combined reporting (AKA the Harley Davidson tax)

-Enact strong property tax caps in each state budget; 

-Stop an increase in Wisconsin’s income tax; 

-Stop the implementation of the IPod tax;

-Cut state taxes on cell and land based phone services; and

-Prevent an increase in the nursing home bed tax.

In fact, I voted 126 times to cut taxes by more than $5 billion.  No one else running for lieutenant governor can say the same.  Because of my conservative voting record I have been endorsed by:

-Governor Tommy Thompson

-Congressman and Ambassador Mark Green

-Wisconsin Right to Life

-The Milwaukee County Republican Party

I am running for lieutenant governor because I want to help get Wisconsin’s economy back on track by exposing wasteful government spending.  When spending is reduced, we can cut taxes to create an environment that will encourage private-sector job growth.  Because of my tax cutting record, I was recently endorsed by major job-creating groups and business owners all across Wisconsin.

Nearly everyone I meet along the campaign trail asks me “What does the lieutenant governor actually do? Why are you running?”  My answer is simple: For as long as I can remember the lieutenant governor has been a meaningless placeholder position.  I’m going to make the job meaningful by giving the office a purpose – stopping wasteful spending.  It’s about time the taxpayers got a return on their investment for having a lieutenant governor in the first place. 

But I’m not waiting to get elected to deliver on my campaign promise.  Just last week I was on Charlie Sykes's WTMJ4 show discussing a story I uncovered about the Wisconsin Department of Corrections decision to provide taxpayer funded ID cards anddrivers licenses to inmates.  I was featured on NBC 15's coverage of this story, which can be viewed here.  At a time when our state is broke, it is outrageous to give inmates “free” IDs when they can afford on their own. 

Help me transform this previously meaningless position into a taxpayer watchdog by donating to my campaign.  Together we can give Wisconsin citizens a return on their investment in this office.


P.S. You can learn more about me and my campaign at

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