Recent Report from Election Officials shows a Need for Real Election Reform

Press Release

Statement from the Chris Wright campaign concerning the discrepancies in voter registrations.

Recent Report from Election Officials shows a Need for Real Election Reform.

Sturtevant:  This week an AP article reported that more than 66,000 voter records appear to belong to people who may not exist. These records do not match other data bases. It also stated that 18,000 letters where returned undeliverable. These numbers bring the integrity of the ballot box into question again. In May of 2009 the Milwaukee Police Department released a report detailing discrepancies that they found. This report went largely ignored. In 2005 voter ID legislation was vetoed by Gov. Doyle. In April of 2008 Senate Republicans attempted to force debate of Assembly Joint Resolution 17, which would have required photo identification for voting and registering to vote. Six seconds after the motion, the Senate leader gaveled the session closed. Rep. Mason voted against AJR 17.

Chris Wright, candidate for the 62nd Assembly District, issued this statement, “The integrity of the ballot box is something that all elected officials should take seriously. Voting is a fundamental right and as voters we should know that the process is a fair and honest one. We owe it to the voters to make real reforms to the election process. This is why I authored Sturtevant Resolution 2008-24 in support of voter ID which passed unanimously. I would support legislation that would insure the integrity of the voting process. “

Below is a link to Resolution 2008-24: