In Case You Missed It: Wisconsin Grocers Association Endorses Scott Walker for Governor

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In Case You Missed It: Wisconsin Grocers Association Endorses Scott Walker for Governor


August 25, 2010— The Wisconsin Grocers Association Board of Directors has voted to endorse Scott Walker for Governor and Brett Davis forLieutenant Governor at their most recent Board meeting in Milwaukee.

"The WGA Board is a good representation of the retail food industry and contains representatives of warehouses, distributors/suppliers, chain store operators, single store owners and the manufacturing industry,” said Board Chairman Brad Brooks from Affiliated Foods Midwest. “While discussing the race for Governor and Lieutenant Governor from the different perspectives, the Board agreed that Walker and Davis were the right choices for the grocery industry in Wisconsin, the best candidates to lead Wisconsin and represent all of our mutual interests."

WGA President Brandon Scholz said, “This wasn't an easy decision for our board. We incorporated input from our members around the state into the board discussion. However, both Scott Walker and Brett Davis are past recipients of the ‘Friend of Grocers’ award and their past support of the grocery industry had already been proven during their tenures in the State Assembly.”

WGA Board Member Dave Spiegelhoff, Director of Operations for Spiegelhoff’s Supermarkets, supported the decision to endorse Walker and Davis and said, “The Walker/Davis team will bring to Wisconsin what has been missing for a long time--a common sense approach to issues and the philosophy to not spend what we don’t have.”

"With the economy the way it is and no improvement in sight, we need the government to stay out of our businesses and out of our cash registers," said Scholz. "Scott Walker and Brett Davis understand that and will get the job done!"

The Wisconsin Grocers Association represents more than 1,000 independent grocers, retail grocery chain stores, warehouses and distributors, convenience stores, food brokers and suppliers who employ over 66,000 people and generate more than $6 billion in annual sales in Wisconsin.

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