Speaking Out Against Wasteful Spending

Speaking Out Against Wasteful Spending

When I kicked off my campaign I pledged to transform the lieutenant governor's office into the leading taxpayer watchdog in the state with the chief mission of rooting out waste, fraud and abuse.  There is no greater example of wasteful spending in government today than Jim Doyle and Barack Obama trying to force a costly and unneeded Madison-Milwaukee train on the taxpayers of Wisconsin.  To help stop this boondoggle, I created, which was featured on a recent TMJ4 newscast where I also spoke out against Governor Jim Doyle and the Department of Transportation’s plan to waste millions of dollars on a new train depot.

Out of control state government spending must stop. I have the direct state experience necessary to transform this previously meaningless office of lieutenant governor into a position that will cut wasteful spending. Just last week former Republican gubernatorial candidate, Congressman and U.S. Ambassador Mark Green publically endorsed me and stated, “I have no doubt that Brett will be the most effective lieutenant governor our state has ever seen and I encourage everyone who backed me four years ago to vote for Brett on September 14th.”

I am proud to announce that today I am launching my first radio ad in an effort to spread the word about my vision for the office of lieutenant governor. You can listen to the radio ad by clicking here.  If you like what you hear, please click here to make a donation so that I can run the ad on more stations. 

I have pledged that each year I serve as lieutenant governor I will propose to eliminate an amount equal to at least 100 times the lieutenant governor’s office budget in wasteful government spending, which would result in nearly $40 million in spending cuts each year.

If you think that the lieutenant governor should work to cut wasteful government spending and like my radio ad, please click here to help get my message out to more Wisconsinites. With your help, I will be able tell taxpayers all across Wisconsin about my plan to put Madison on a diet.

Please donate today and help me put the office of lieutenant governor to work for taxpayers.  It’s time Wisconsin citizens receive a return on their investment in this office.


P.S. You can learn more about me and my campaign at

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