Kleefisch Calls For Legislature To Act On Train

Rebecca Kleefisch Lieutenant Governor 2010

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Kleefisch Urges Legislators: Call Extraordinary Session To Stop High Speed Train Spending

(Oconomowoc) - Republican Lt. Governor candidate Rebecca Kleefisch is calling uponstate legislators to stop the high-speed spending on the Milwaukee-to-Madison medium-speed train by convening the state legislature in Madison in an extraordinary session to end the expenditures.

“The Doyle Administration’s plan is clear; they want to spend the $810 million in federal grant money for this rail project so fast that they think the next Governor will have no choice but to continue this crazy project. They think Wisconsin won’t be able to repay the federal government for what has been spent as the price of stopping it,” said Kleefisch. “That's why this high speed spending must be stopped now – and only the legislature can do it.”


In the last few weeks, the extraordinary arrogance of the high speed rail supporters has been on display. U. S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood said nothing would stop the train during his recent visit. The Doyle Administration cut out the proposed Oconomowoc stop just because the community asked some appropriate questions about the cost and impact of the project. The Doyle administration is even leaping ahead to start spending $18 million on a train shed that many Amtrak passengers think is unnecessary.  All this while the state steps in to pay the taxes for the MilwaukeeIntermodel train ward off foreclosure.


The state legislature has adjourned for the year but can be called back into session by the Governor, by their leadership or by a petition signed by a majority of the members of both houses.


“I urge every member of the legislature to petition the leadership to have the legislature called back into extraordinary session to stop this spending madness,” said Kleefisch.  “It should be clear that this project is a huge waste of money and legislators should return to Madison to stop this excessive spending.”


“If they don’t stop this excessive spending, then the voters should hold them accountable this fall,” said Kleefisch.  All it would take is a few sensible Democrats in each house to join with the Republicans to end this high speed spending spree.”


Under Joint Rule 99 (27m), the legislature can be called back into session by a simple majority of the members of each house signing a petition.  Kleefisch said she has been talking with legislators about leading this project.


Rebecca Kleefisch has been endorsed by Lt. Governor Margaret Farrow, State Senator Glenn Grothman, Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher, and a number of Waukesha County officials.