In Case You Missed It: Dairy Business Association Endorses Scott Walker for Governor

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In Case You Missed It: Dairy Business Association Endorses Scott Walker for Governor

DBA Endorses Scott Walker for Governor Wisconsin Ag Connection August 17, 2010

A Wisconsin farm organization has made its first endorsement of the 2010 election cycle this week by throwing its support behind Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker for governor. The board of directors of the Dairy Business Association says they are impressed that Walker, a Republican, introduced eight consecutive balanced budgets with a zero percent tax increase and returned over $370,000 of his salary to the county.

"Scott understands Wisconsin's dairy industry is a vital component of our state's economy," said DBA President Jerry Meissner. "Milk, cheese and other dairy products represent over $26 billion in economic activity to Wisconsin each year."

Meissner went on to say that Walker is 'a true reformer' who understands that high taxes and unpredictable regulations kill jobs, dissuade investment and cost farmers and other businesses money.

"DBA represents entrepreneurial dairymen all across Wisconsin. Scott Walker understands that DBA members continue to modernize and upgrade their facilities despite low milk prices. These investments will preserve and enhance Wisconsin's dairy infrastructure for years to come," says DBA Director Laurie Fischer. "DBA salutes Scott Walker's commitment to providing access to affordable food grown in Wisconsin to our citizens. Our membership believes Scott has the skills necessary to manage the business of the state and turn our economy around."

Walker, a native of Delavan, was elected to the Assembly in 1993 where he served four terms before being named Milwaukee County Executive. He will face off against GOP challenger Mark Neumann in the state primary election on September 14. The winner of that race will likely face Milwaukee Mayer Tom Barrett in the November general election.

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