You're Making President Obama Nervous

You're Making President Obama Nervous

President Obama and national Democrats are terrified because with each passing week, our Brown Bag Movement of less government, lower taxes, and private sector job creation is getting stronger and stronger.

Ever since Barack Obama and Jim Doyle sat Tom Barrett down to tell him he was running for governor, liberal special interests, large dollar donors, and even Doyle and Obama have been pulling out all the stops to organize and raise money so they can distort Scott's record.

This Monday, August 16th, President Obama will be holding a fundraiser for Tom Barrett to help him become Jim Doyle's third term.  At this high-dollar event it will cost $10,000 just to have your picture taken.

We believe the next governor should be chosen by the people of Wisconsin, not by special interests, Washington politicians and a governor looking to preserve his grim legacy.

That's why we are holding a Brown Bag Rally on Monday to show the President and others that we've had enough of big government, high taxes, high unemployment and a billion dollar train we don't want and can't afford.

Please join us!  Send us your RSVP at or call us at 414-238-2033.


Keith Gilkes Scott Walker Campaign Manager

WHO: The Brown Bag Movement

WHAT: Brown Bag Rally

WHEN: THIS Monday, August 16th at 2:30pm

WHERE: Across from Riptide Seafood 649 East Erie Street Milwaukee, WI 53202-6203

P.S. Let's let them know we want to pick our own governor.  Send us your RSVP at or call us at (414) 238-2033.