A Pro-Life/Pro-Family Clean Sweep

Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor

A Clean Sweep for Pro-Life!

How valuable is just one life?  In one life, it's impossible to measure its potential, productivity, creativity, imagination, inspiration, motivation, emotion, connection, relationships and so forth.  As you can see, the list of words describing the value of a life is, in itself, endless.  Nothing else compares!  It's impossible to determine the worth of a life!
With that being said, I'm happy to tell you that once again I've received and accepted another Pro-Life endorsement.  The Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund Political Action Committee has endorsed my candidacy for WisconsinLieutenant Governor.  I am now the only candidate for the office with actual executive experience that has also received the endorsement of all three major pro-life organizations in Wisconsin.
As you know, the sanctity of life along with its endless virtues is constantly under attack in Wisconsin as well as the rest of the country.  Our opponents use the word "choice" when they really mean "convenience."  Truthfully, I believe that abortion is used as a means of birth control in most situations.  As your next Lieutenant Governor, I will do all that I can to prevent unwanted pregnancies, promote abstinence, and at the same time, I will work to promote adoption as an alternative that Wisconsin's children "can live with."
I'm grateful for all of the pro-life organizations that work in Wisconsin and I look forward to working with all of them to bring about our shared vision of a Wisconsin that considers every life priceless.  After all, when our opponents promote policies of "convenience" they really do put a price on a life!
Please stop by my website to find out for yourself where I stand on other issues.  While you're there, I'd be grateful if you'd make a contribution to my campaign here.
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Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor


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