Joe The Plumber Endorses Rebecca Kleefisch

Rebecca Kleefisch Lieutenant Governor 2010

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"Joe The Plumber" Endorses Kleefisch For Lieutenant Governor

National Political Figure to Campaign for Kleefisch inWisconsin

(New Berlin) - The Rebecca Kleefisch campaign is attracting more national attention. Just two weeks after appearing on "Fox & Friends," a national political news show, the Kleefisch campaign is proud to announce the endorsement of "Joe the Plumber."

Joe Wurzelbacher, better known as "Joe the Plumber," ascended to the national political scene after questioning then-candidate Barack Obama about his small business tax policy. Today, Wurzelbacher is a frequent motivational speaker and commentator.

"I don't take endorsing candidates lightly," Wurzelbacher said. "Rebecca Kleefisch has a strong command of what Wisconsin, and this nation, need right now in the form of bold economic development policy and tax reform. Because she comes from the private sector, she understands that the private sector - and not government - creates jobs."

Kleefisch, a former news anchor, owns her own media and marketing company.

"Rebecca Kleefisch has the common sense approach that Wisconsin needs right now: less taxes, less regulation and more accountability are the only things that will help a state encourage job growth," Wurzelbacher said. "Rebecca Kleefisch is the principled conservative I'd vote for."

Wurzelbacher intends to campaign for Kleefisch in Wisconsin before the September 14th primary. Details will be announced shortly.