Wisconsin Budget: One of the Top 10 Worst

Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor

Wisconsin Budget: One of the Top 10 Worst!

Lately, I've heard a lot about the state's budget woes and the WisconsinSupreme Court's recent ruling to force the state to repay about $200 million to the Medical Malpractice Fund.  You may recall, this is the fund in which Governor Doyle and the Democratic pirate ship raided the money from to try and balance the state budget.  In the end, the budget was not balanced and there's still a $2.7 billion deficit that the Democrats intend to pass on to you through higher taxes and program cuts if re-elected.   According to the nonpartisan Pew Research Center, prior to the July 20thSupreme Court ruling, there was approximately a 23% gap in budget funding.  This latest ruling will increase that even more.  In fact, Pew states that Wisconsin has one of the top 10 worst budget deficits in the country.  Wisconsin is now in the same fragile group of states as California, Illinois, Michigan, and Oregon.     Aside from California, I'm not surprised that the others have Democratic governors as well.  Pew graded the Doyle administration and Democratic legislature a C+ when it comes to money management.  As I've said before, the people of Wisconsin deserve better!   Our state is one of only seventeen in which its constitution requires a "supermajority" to increase taxes, generate revenue, and approve budgets.  Anyone irresponsible enough to vote for this budget should be sailing away from their record and heading into the sunset!   While serving as mayor of Superior, I have faced these issues head on and I have earned a track record of Proven, Dependable leadership.  My record has accounted for Superior having the second fastest adjusted growth rate in the state of Wisconsin.  As the only candidate for Lieutenant Governor with executive experience, I have the skills and experience that the next governor will need to help right the ship.   Please visit my website to see my views on the other issues.  If you like what you see, I'd be grateful if you'd make a donation to my campaign.  Furthermore, I need your help both in the voting booth and by getting the word out. Please forward this letter to your friends, family, and associates.  I'd be honored if you did.

Dave Ross - Proven Dependable Leadership


Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor

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