Kleefisch To Deliver Stop The Train Petitions

Rebecca Kleefisch Lieutenant Governor 2010

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Kleefisch To Deliver Stop The Train Petitions

Lt. Governor Candidate Calls For Return To Common Sense

(Oconomowoc)- Lt. Governor Candidate Rebecca Kleefisch will deliver more than 1,800 signatures to Governor Doyle demanding that he stop the train boondoggle.

The signatures represent concerned citizens in Wisconsin who are asking for the immediate end to this wasteful government subsidy.

"The public has a right to be heard on this important issue and we are sending a strong message that we want Governor Doyle to do what is right, not easy," said Kleefisch, "I have heard the concerns of many people as I campaign across our great state wanting to know what they can do. That's why I launched this petition drive."

Kleefisch earlier today decried the visit of U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to Watertown today. LaHood is visiting to celebrate the wasteful spending of hundreds of millions on a medium-speed train from Milwaukee to Madison.

The DOT Secretary joined Governor Jim Doyle to visit to the site of the proposed rail corridor between Milwaukee and Madison. The federal government is giving Wisconsin $810 million for the line, a move Kleefisch says defies common sense and fiscal logic.

The state has received more stimulus money to help build a high-speed rail line between Madison and Milwaukee, and according to a member of President Obama's cabinet, no opposition at the state level can stop the rail line from becoming reality.

"I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the taxpayers of our state and am outraged by the out of touch attitude of this imperial President," said Kleefisch, "Secretary La Hood's comments today – that no one can do anything about this because it is federal money – shows that Washington DC operates in an alternate reality completely removed from the rest of the country.

"People expect our elected and government officials to prioritize correctly just like families are forced to do every day. It's just kitchen table common sense. While mounting unemployment, home foreclosures, and business failure continue to mount, time stands still inWashington and Madison. Big government is not the answer and we need to take our government back from these big spenders."