Racine County Republican Party Welcomes Elected Officials and Candidates

For Immediate Release

July  27, 2010

Contact: Kevin Cronin, County Fair Volunteer Coordinator, 262-497-7379

                   Bill Folk, Chairman, 414-975-3600

Racine County Republican Party Welcomes Elected Officials and Candidates

Racine County GOP will be hosting elected officials and candidates at our County Fair Tent

Once again the Racine County Republican Party will have a large showing at the County Fair.  The tent is located just inside Gate 5 and will host a variety of elected officials and candidates for office the entire weekend.

"This year people were calling or emailing daily asking how they could get involved and if they could volunteer at the fair.  People are motivated to see Racine and Wisconsin turn 'Red' this year," stated Kevin Cronin, GOP board member and this year's County Fair Coordinator.  "Candidates for office and elected officials will be here nearly the whole time and we welcome them all."

Schedule of Confirmed Guests:

Candidate for Sheriff - Gonzalo Gonzalez: Wed-Sun 10-7

County Supervisor & candidate for Sheriff - Ronald Molnar: Wed-Sun 10-7

Candidate for State Assembly - Chris Wright: Wed-Fri 4-7, Sat 7-10, Sun 1-4

County Supervisor & candidate for the State Senate - Van Wanggaaard: Wed-Sun 5-7

County Register of Deeds Jim Ladwig: Wednesday 10-4

County Clerk Wendy Christensen: Wednesday 7-10

State Representative Samantha Kerkman: Thursday 10-4

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor - Rebecca Kleefisch: Friday 5

Candidate for State Treasurer - Kurt Schuller: Friday 1-4

Candidate for State Senate - Bob Gulan: Friday 7-10

District Attorney Mike Nieskes: Saturday 10-1

Congressman Paul Ryan: Saturday 12-4

State Representative & candidate for Lieutenant Governor - Brett Davis: Sat no specified time

State Representative Robin Vos - No set time

Candidate for US Senate - Ron Johnson - No set time

Candidate for US Senate - David Westlake - No set time

Candidate for Secretary of State - David King - No set time

Candidate for State Treasurer - Scott Feldt - No set time

Other Invited Guest Included:

State Attorney General JB Van Hollen

Mayor of Superior & candidate for Lieutenant Governor - Dave Ross

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Robert Lorge

Candidate for Sheriff - Chris Schmalling - has his own tent

State Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus

American's for Prosperity, Wisconsin Chapter Chairman Mark Block

The Racine County Fair is Wednesday, July 28 through Sunday, August 1 for more information on the Racine County Fair visit: