Wright Campaign statement on June unemployment numbers

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Statement from the Chris Wright campaign concerning the June unemployment numbers.


Latest Unemployment Numbers Show Racine needs a Change in Madison.

Sturtevant:  Last week the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development released the June unemployment numbers. According to the report Racine and Racine County had an increase in unemployment. It showed that the city of Racine had an unemployment rate of 14.3% and the county’s rate was 9.7%. The Business Journal of Milwaukee also noted that Wisconsin dropped to 44th in job growth nationwide. Last year Wisconsin ranked 39th. Since June of 2009 Wisconsin has lost 18,100 nonfarm jobs. These numbers are disheartening enough, but when looking back over the last 2 ½ years a pattern emerges. In December of 2008 the unemployment numbers were 10.8% for Racine and 7.0% for the county. In December of 2007 the rates were 8.9% for Racine and 5.7% for the county.

Racine cannot take more of the same.  Chris Wright candidate for 62nd Assembly District issued this statement, “Since January of 2007 when Rep. Mason first took office the unemployment rate has steadily risen. He has campaigned on bringing jobs to Racine, but has voted for budgets that continue to make it harder for employers to create jobs. We cannot keep electing the same ideas and policies to office and expect different results. The 62nd district is made of up talented and hard working people who need a representative in Madison who will make bringing jobs to Racine a top priority. “