Wright Statement Concerning Patient Compensation Fund Transfer

Press Release Statement from the Chris Wright campaign concerning the recent State Supreme Court ruling.

Rep. Mason voted in Favor of the Illegal Transfer from the Patient Compensation Fund.

Sturtevant:  The recent ruling by the WI Supreme Court declaring the $200 million transfer from the Patient Compensation Fund is yet another example of irresponsible budgeting by the leadership in Madison. The state will now have to repay the fund with interest.  One of the votes cast for the 2007-09 budget was from the 62nd Assembly District’s elected representative Cory Mason. Chris Wright, who is running against Rep. Mason, said, “It is sad that a choice to raid a segregated fund to balance the budget instead of actually making responsible decisions is now going to cost the people of Wisconsin more.  Transfers from segregated funds like PCF and the Transportation Fund have contributed to the $2.4 billion shortfall that WI faces going into the 2011-13 budget. This will result in many tough decisions being made during the next legislative session. When you see cuts to local governments and programs, you can thank Rep. Mason and all that voted for this very bad idea.”