There's No Tax Democrats Dislike

Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor

There's No Tax Liberals Dislike!

Recently, I had a spare hour to actually relax and watch a little television.  This is a rare occasion to say the least.  During that short hour, I saw several campaign commercials with themes like "tax the rich" or "the rich should pay their fair share" and so forth.     In one short hour I realized that there isn't a tax that the Democrats don't like!  In that same time, I listened to several of them tell me how they want to create jobs, build infrastructure, and make just about every other promise under the sun.  Furthermore, these Democratic candidates boldly told me they approved the message!  Can you believe it?  They've been in power for a few years and so far all they've accomplished are increased deficits, higher unemployment, and higher taxes. The people of Wisconsin deserve better.   It got me thinking about how they could make these promises while they raise taxes on the very people that create the jobs!  The reality is they can't.  Without a plan and, under those conditions, their assurances are about as powerful as the batteries in my TV remote!   I owned a small business for over 20 years and I know that taxing the job creators is not the answer. We need Wisconsin to have a business-friendly atmosphere; one that welcomes employers to set up shop here in Wisconsin.  We need policies that promote lower taxes which in turn will lead to economic growth.   As mayor of Superior, I'm the only candidate for Lieutenant Governor with actual executive experience, and the only candidate with a record that has actually contained taxes!  The results are indisputable.  Superior has the second fastest adjusted economic growth rate in the State of Wisconsin.  Economic growth means jobs and I've worked with the job creators to bring them to Superior.   Please visit my website at and learn more about where I stand on other issues. If you agree with me, I need your support:  First, in the voting booth and also as a financial supporter of my campaign.  I'd be grateful if you'd make a donation here.

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Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor

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