Walker Campaign Statement on Barrett Redistricting Plan

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Walker Campaign Statement on Barrett Redistricting Plan

Wauwatosa – Keith Gilkes, campaign manager for Scott Walker, issued the following statement on Tom Barrett’s supposed, “bipartisan” redistricting plan.

“Tom Barrett voted with Democrats 92% of the time when he was in Congress and is the last person that has any credibility on supposed ‘bipartisanship,’ said Gilkes.  “Barrett continues to be lockstep with Doyle agenda, supporting the $810 million boondoggle train, Doyle’s combined reporting tax, and global warming legislation that will kill tens of thousands of Wisconsin jobs.”

  • Barrett voted with the Democrats 92% of the time in congress.  (Congressional Quarterly Dec 2002)
  • Called "The loyal Democrat" and "moderate liberal" as well as noted he "nearly always voted with his Democratic colleagues during his 18 years in the state Legislature and Congress representing Milwaukee” by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (March 7, 2004)
  • Has been praised by Jim Doyle "Tom Barrett would be an outstanding candidate," Doyle said, "and he would be a very good governor for the state of Wisconsin."
  • Is a handpicked candidate by liberal "Top Democrats - including Doyle and President Obama - pushed the mayor to run." Milwaukee Journal Sentinel November 13, 2009
  • …and Barrett has been dodging claims he forced Tony Zielinski out of the Lt. Gov race…

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