A Second Open Letter To Tom Barrett

Rebecca Kleefisch Lieutenant Governor 2010

July 11, 2010

Dear Mr. Mayor, I have seen your television commercials promising to put Madison on a diet and to create jobs for Wisconsin so I decided to read the details of your plans.  It didn't take long for me to see that while you were promising to put Madison on a diet in one plan, your jobs plan actually would increase the size and scope of state government.   In fact, while your "diet plan" says it will save state government $1.127 billion dollars, your jobs plan increases state spending by about the same amount.   For example, on page 20 you suggest we create a Wisconsin Entrepreneurs Fund at a cost of $100 million a year for five years.  That's $500 million right there.  Then you go on to suggest we spend $60 million on a Biofuels Fund (pg 40) and $125 million on an Industrial Matching Loan Program (page 38) - and, of course, $810 million on a high speed train (page 37). These proposals alone will cost the taxpayers nearly $1.5 billion dollars.    While you admit to wanting to spend nearly $1.5 billion on new government programs, most of your ideas for getting the economy moving again involve more government but don't say how much they will cost.  In fact, there are more than two dozen new government programs listed in your jobs plan where you haven't even bothered to estimate the costs.  Just look at all of the new loan programs you have suggested in addition to the Industrial Matching Loan Program; you want to create loan programs for farmers, large animal veterinarians, aquaculture and anaerobic digesters.  You want to expand all sorts of existing government programs and then create a host of new ones. Your plan even suggests that we can create jobs in Wisconsin by reorganizing state government agencies.  Are you serious about that?  Do you really think that moving bureaucrats from one state agency to another will create private sector jobs in places like Neenah and Black River Falls?    I assume that in the weeks ahead you will issue plans in other issue areas and that these plans will also increase government spending. I am going to start keeping a tally on all of that spending and compare it to the savings you claimed in your plan to put Madison on a diet. It already looks to me like you think ordering a Diet Coke at the all-you-can-eat buffet counts as a diet. This year, candidates all over the state like you are promising that they will get the government to do more to create jobs.  I'm different. I am promising to work to get the government to do less so we can create jobs.   We don't need more government to create jobs. We need less. We don't need more taxes to create jobs.  We need less. We don't need more government regulations to create jobs.  We need less.  We don't need more government bailouts for industry.  We need less. We don't need more government spending.  We need less.  See you on the campaign trail. Rebecca