Wisconsin Right to Life Endorses Brett Davis for Lieutenant Governor

Wisconsin Right to Life Endorses Brett Davis for Lieutenant Governor

Brett Davis’s (R-Oregon) campaign for Lieutenant Governor recently announced the endorsement of Wisconsin Right to Life, Political Action Committee (PAC). In addition to receiving the endorsement in this election, Davis has been endorsed by Wisconsin Right to Life in all of his previous elections. 

Bonnie Pfaff, Chair of the Wisconsin Right to Life PAC announced the endorsement in a letter to Davis:

I am very pleased to inform you that the Wisconsin Right to Life PAC has endorsed your candidacy in the Race for Lieutenant Governor.

We deeply appreciate your strong support for legislative measures that would protect the most vulnerable members of the human family and your opposition to measures that would demean the sanctity of human life. 

During your tenure in the State Assembly, you have been a strong and unwavering advocate for the rights of the born and unborn. We greatly appreciate your solid right-to-life-record.

Should you be elected to serve as Wisconsin’s next Lieutenant Governor, we believe that you would greatly contribute to the building of a culture of life where human life is cherished, welcomed and protected.

In response to this endorsement Davis released the following statement:

I am honored to have the endorsement of Wisconsin Right to Life PAC again this election. If given the opportunity, I will use the position of the Lieutenant Governor to continue to promote the pro-life values I have fought for over the last 6 years in the legislature.

During Davis’s time in the legislature he:

  • Voted to ban the heinous act of partial-birth abortions;
  • supported an effort to keep Wisconsin statute 940.04, which bans abortion, on the books—a law that can be enforced whenRoe v. Wade is overturned;
  • opposed a bill that would have legalized physician assisted suicide in Wisconsin; and,
  • voted to ban the practice of human cloning in Wisconsin.

You can learn more about Brett Davis by visiting his webpage at

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