Brett Davis for Lt. Governor Leading in Local TEA party Straw Poll

Brett Davis Currently Leading in Local TEA Party Straw Poll

State Representative Brett Davis received the largest percentage of votes for Lieutenant Governor in a straw poll released yesterday by the TEA Party group "The Wisconsin 9/12 Project."

 In response to the release of this poll Davis released the following statement:

“My plan to transform the Lieutenant Governor’s office into a taxpayer watchdog focused on rooting out fraud, waste and abuse in state government is resonating with taxpayers around Wisconsin.  My hope is to work with the TEA party movement to ensure that taxpayers finally get a return on their investment in the office of Lieutenant Governor.

 “I’ve attended dozens of TEA party events in the past year.  I always leave energized and even more committed to taking our government back and restoring sanity after eight dismal years of Jim Doyle’s failed policies.”

Each year Davis serves as Lieutenant Governor he will propose to eliminate an amount equal to at least 100 times the Lieutenant Governor’s office budget in wasteful government spending.  The 2011 operations budget for the Office of Lieutenant Governor is currently $390,800.  Under Davis’ formula he would propose nearly $40 million in government spending cuts during his first year in office.

Results for the entire straw poll can be accessed at:  The Wisconsin 9/12 Project plans to releasestraw poll results monthly between now and the September primary.

State Senator Ted Kanavas Endorses Brett Davis for Lt. Governor

Sen. Kanavas was first elected to the represent portions of Waukesha and Washington Counties in a July 2001 special election, was re-elected in November 2002, and recently announced this would be his last term in the State Senate.  Throughout his time in the legislature Sen. Kanavas served on the powerful Joint Finance Committee and authored the Senate property tax freeze, a bill to eliminate the death tax, and several election reform proposals.

Kanavas Statement issued the following statement about Brett Davis’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor:

I am enthusiastically endorsing Brett Davis for Lieutenant Governor.  

I served with Brett in the legislature and enjoyed working with him on important economic development and job creation initiatives over the last few sessions.  Brett is the only candidate in this race who has direct experience working on state issues.  Given the current state budget disaster, taxpayers need a hard-working conservative in the Lt. Governor’s office who will hit the ground running.  Wisconsin needs Brett Davis.  He is best positioned to help Republicans retake the Governor’s office this fall and immediately pass a budget that reduces state spending, eliminates the deficit, and cuts taxes.

In reaction to Sen. Kanavas’s endorsement Davis stated:

I am honored to have Senator Kanavas's endorsement.  He is a conservative leader who has worked tirelessly to advance fiscally responsible policies in the State Senate.  Wisconsin needs more legislators and leaders like Sen. Kanavas to fix our state’s currentbudget crisis.

Our state is currently headed in the wrong direction.  I share Sen. Kanavas’s vision of how to get our state back on track, which is why I am running for Lt. Governor.   I want to serve as a taxpayer watchdog that reduces spending by exposing fraud, waste, and abuse in state government. 

In addition to this written endorsement, a video of Sen. Kanavas speaking about his support for Brett can be accessed by clicking here.

Help Brett Keep the Momentum Going

If you believe that the Lieutenant Governor should serve as a taxpayer watchdog, please click here to make a donation to Brett.  With your help we can keep the momentum going so that taxpayers finally get a return on their investment in the Office of Lt. Governor.

You can learn more about Brett Davis by visiting his webpage at

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