PRESS RELEASE - Wanggaard Reacts to President Obama's Racine Town Hall

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Wanggaard Reacts to President Obama’s

Racine Town Hall

[RACINE] – “President Obama unfortunately did not find it necessary to provide southeastern Wisconsin workers and families with honest answers regarding the job-killing policies that have left Racine County enduring rampant unemployment.

“Instead, the President seemed to take a page from John Lehman's playbook and blame minority-party Republicans for all of the country's problems.  

“President Obama needs to take responsibility for his policies, just as my opponent needs to take responsibility for the decisions he made over the last four years. The habit of blaming the minority party is a convenient political maneuver that shows a lack of vision and displays a void of constructive ideas.

“While the President won’t have to face the voters until 2012, Wisconsinites have the opportunity this fall to elect new state-level leaders who will tackle the challenges that we face, and eschew excuses in pursuit of plotting a new course for the state.”