Goal: generate 300,000 new jobs by 2020 using 'research triangles'

Tax cuts proposed for job creation

Neumann: "Universities and business leaders join forces to form a model for research, innovation, and economic development."

WAUKESHA, Wis. - June 29, 2010 - With a goal of generating 300,000 new jobs by 2020, candidate for Governor Mark Neumann unveiled a conservative plan for economic development that would closely pair Wisconsin's colleges and universities and economic development advisors to attract businesses and generate jobs.

At news conferences today on University of Wisconsin campuses in Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay, Neumann said he would create three 'Research Triangles' that combine the intellectual knowledge found on the university campuses with the research needs of the business world.

The three Research Triangles to be established would include:

  • First Research Triangle: Milwaukee - Madison - Kenosha (Includes the Janesville/Beloit corridor)
  • Second Research Triangle: Wausau - Green Bay - Fond du Lac (Includes the area toLake Michigan and northeastern Wisconsin)
  • Third Research Triangle: La Crosse - Superior - Hudson (Includes Eau Claire, Platteville and southwestern Wisconsin)

Neumann was inspired to design a Wisconsin plan after studying the successful Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. Since its inception, more than 50,000 jobs have been created with the average salary 45 percent above the national average.

"North Carolina took an excellent idea and turned it into an economic development powerhouse," Neumann noted. "Using this as a starting point, we will create clusters of research triangles that pair higher education closely with businesses like agriculture, manufacturing, IT, and energy development."

As Governor, Neumann would:

  • Create an economic development team within his administration dedicated to interacting with the research triangles, with a focus on quantifying the knowledge base on the campuses and matching it up with business needs across the country and around the world to recruit businesses to locate in Wisconsin.
  • Interface his administration's economic development team with volunteer teams from the research triangles in order to facilitate the development of business parks within the triangles.
  • Offer a business tax incentive to create new jobs in an amount based on the taxes to be paid over a five to 10-year period by the new employees and/or infrastructure and buildings built for the new businesses. This would both protect taxpayers and give businesses an incentive to grow.
  • Order a top-to-bottom review of Wisconsin's permit processes with an eye on eliminating inefficiencies, unnecessary or duplicative rules, and minimizing costs.

"This plan is designed to make Wisconsin the most desirable place in the world for businesses to locate," Neumann said. "Wisconsin has the talent, the space and the quality of life, but state government is out of sync. This has to change, and under a Neumann Administration, it will."


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