Press Release: Statement from Mark Neumann


WAUKESHA, Wis. - June 17, 2010 - Candidate for Governor Mark Neumann issued the following statement this afternoon regarding his primary election opponent's proposal on state employee pensions.

"Everything has to be on the table to fill the budget hole left by the disastrous mismanagement of Governor Doyle. As I have said before, as Governor I will handle negotiations with unions just as I do with my small business. The fact is that everyone has to sacrifice to bring the budget into balance, and state employees are no exception.

"Scott Walker is addressing one piece of a very large puzzle - under ten-percent of the multi-billion dollar budget hole we face. I advocate a far more comprehensive approach that doesn't cherry-pick budget line items. The most critical issue we face, and the plan I support, would impose strict fiscal discipline throughout state government. I have called for a specific spending plan that will ask all agencies across the board to make a minimum one-percent cut annually in spending proposals from the current budget amount.

"My plan will result in a true balanced budget. This is a fundamental change in approach to Wisconsin's budget. It's a business approach that will stop out of control spending and deliver tax cuts."


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