Press Release: Mark Neumann Goes to Democrat Convention


Neumann: "Barrett's increased government spending faster than Jim Doyle."

Neumann: "If you like Jim Doyle, you'll love Tom Barrett."

WAUKESHA, Wis. - June 12, 2010 - Republican candidate for Governor Mark Neumannstopped by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's State Convention today to talk about what a Governor Barrett would mean for Wisconsin.

"If you like Jim Doyle you're gonna love Tom Barrett. He increased government spending faster than Jim Doyle. 

"In fact, Barrett's long, long record as a big spender is enough to make even Jim Doyle blush. As Milwaukee Mayor, Barrett's first proposed budget in 2005 had $1.1 billion in spending. His last proposed budget in 2010 had $1.45 billion in spending. In six years, he proposed to increase spending by 31%. So when Tom Barrett suddenly claims he is a fiscal conservative, don't believe the hype. 

"Under Tom Barrett's watch, Milwaukee has lost more jobs on a percentage basis than any other major metro area except Detroit. A second study considered the small business climate in Milwaukee and found it to be the 96th worst of 100 areas studied in America. Just this week we heard about Harley-Davidson entertaining offers to move to another state. Our economy is already suffering. Wisconsin cannot take a continuation of Jim Doyle's disastrous economic policies. 

"In contrast, I'm a successful small business owner. have proposed a real conservative solution to balance the budget, control spending and reduce taxes, which will in turn lead to job growth across the board. I have the decades of private sector experience to keep Wisconsin growing, instead of more failed policies from just another career politician."


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