Fact Check on Concealed Carry: More Lies from Mark Neumann

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Fact Check on Concealed Carry: More Lies from Mark Neumann

Wauwatosa – Keith Gilkes, campaign manager for Scott Walker, today issued the following statement on more lies from Mark Neumann.

“Mark Neumann’s desperate campaign has morphed into a traveling circus of lies and attacks,” said Gilkes.  “Scott has time and again supported shall issue concealed carry legislation and has said explicitly he will sign it as governor.  What he’s not for is jamming through legislation in the middle of the night that no one has seen and voting on it at 4:00am.”

Below is a quote from 2002 when he was running for county executive about the vote:  

“On concealed carry, I supported in the past a reasonable, what I call personal protection bill and would again.  My main gripe with that piece of legislation wasn’t the bill itself, but the fact that it was voted on at 4 o’clock in the morning without any drafting attorneys or other staff around without the public even knowing about it.”  - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel April 21, 2002 “Making their cases for reform; As county executive Walker says, he would restore trust, restrain taxes.”


**In 2004, the Democrats ran an ad attacking Scott for his strong support for concealed carry.

**Scott is an avid hunter and supporter of the Second Amendment.

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