Ben Collins for Lt. Governor E-Newsletter


"We need leaders that will do the right thing in the worst of times...that is what will get Wisconsin moving again."

LACK OF PRIORITIES IN MADISON:      It was announced that the state will spend $3.2 million on the new Bradley Center scoreboard. Do the politicians in Madison have any priorities or simple fiscal restraint? From a Opera House in Oshkosh to a Soybean Crusher outside of Madison, Wisconsin cannot afford this type of leadership.           Wisconsin needs leaders that can say NO. I have the right priorities as your next Lt. Governor and know how to make the right decisions in a crisis. Sound off on this by telling me what you think about the latest example of a lack of leadership in Madison.

INTRODUCING, "ASK BEN!"     We are happy to announce today that we are launching a new outreach and response tool called "Ask Ben!" In an effort to inform voters to my beliefs, you can now ask me questions and I will answer on my new Blog

    You can submit questions by e-mailfacebooktwitter or  through formspring.

Volunteer Opportunites:      My campaign is connecting with grassroots activists, business owners, and household CEO's from across the state. Our coalitions are growing, are you a part of our team? Veterans, Farmers, Social Conservatives and business owners are just a few, join Team Collins today!

    If you want to help right nowyou can download my nomination papers and get your friends, family and neighbors signatures to get my name on the ballot. We have to collect thousands of signatures by July, every one will help! 

    I have been traveling all across the state, if I haven't been to your Fish Fry, Rotary Meeting or GOP Event, please send me  e-mail today and I will make sure we get it on the schedule. 

Please join my fight to end politics as usual,

P.S. If you agree with my message of battle tested leadership, please consider investing in my campaign. Any donation of $5, $10 or $20 will make a difference.

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