Westlake for U.S. Senate Campaign Press Release:

For Immediate Release      Contact: Mike Johnson 27 May 2010      Campaign HQ Phone: 920-744-5921

Westlake for Senate Campaign: Moving Forward

(Watertown, WI)- Dave Westlake, candidate for U.S. Senate from Watertown, released the following statement in

regarding the post-GOP convention campaign between himself and Ron Johnson:

"Many grassroots Republicans across the state are still left wondering how Ron Johnson came out of seemingly

nowhere and won the party endorsement last weekend at the State GOP Convention. I'm not. Simply put, he got

more votes than either Terrence Wall or me, and for that I congratulate him. I have the deepest respect for Terrence

Wall and I understand that the events of this weekend are ultimately what made him decide to back out of the race.

There is honor in that and we all owe Terrence gratitude for the contributions he made to this race while he was in

it. I also respect Ron Johnson as my sole remaining primary opponent. While the contest with Terrence is coming

to an end, the one with Ron Johnson is just starting...and I ask all political followers and supporters--from all

campaigns and all parties--to stop focusing on the events or controversy of the convention and move forward to

discuss and debate what needs to be done to get Wisconsin--and America--back on her feet again."

"Negativity and hard feelings within the GOP resulting from the convention will hurt the party, the process, and the

people of Wisconsin. This is a great time for Wisconsin Republicans to set an example of how we can disagree

internally on candidates or procedures but that in the end we will vigorously debate the issues and put forth a

positive message for our future. I look forward to leading the effort to put Wisconsin at the forefront of restoring

and protecting American Exceptionalism."

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