On Heels of GOP Endorsement, Walker Campaign Releases New Web Video

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On Heels of GOP Endorsement, Walker Campaign Releases New Web Video, “Taking Our Government Back”

**Watch the video here:**

On the heels of Scott Walker’s overwhelming 91.3% endorsement vote at the Republican Party of Wisconsin State Convention, his campaign for governor today released a web video that was first previewed to the convention’s delegates.

The video, entitled, “Taking Our Government Back,” details Scott Walker’s record as Milwaukee County Executive Reminiscent of the Brown Bag Movement of today, in 2002 Scott Walker led a grassroots movement to take back Milwaukee County government after the then-county executive tried to take millions of taxpayer dollars for himself and his cronies.

“You saw people standing up shoulder-to-shoulder, neighbor-to-neighbor and saying, ‘we want our government back,’” Walker says in the video. “And in doing so, the real emotion on display was hope.  Today, I see a lot of the same emotions on display in Wisconsin.”

Walker and his wife Tonette have given $370,000 of Scott’s salary back to the taxpayers from 2002 through 2010.  He drives a 1998 Saturn with more than 100,000 miles on it and packs his own brown bag lunch to save money in his family budget.

Walker approaches his county budget the same way, cutting out waste to do more, with less.  Since his election in 2002, Walker has cut the county debt by 10%, reduced the county government workforce by 20%, and introduced eight consecutive budgets without an increase to the property tax levy from the previous year. Scott Walker recently announced an $8.9 million surplus, which will be returned to taxpayers in the form of a cut to the property tax levy next year.

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