Press Release: Neumann Delivers to Governor Doyle 25,000+ Petitions Saying

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Neumann: "Wisconsin can enact conservative reforms that put big-spending Congress to shame."

WAUKESHA, Wis. - May 24, 2010 - Candidate for Governor Mark Neumann today delivered more than 25,000 petition signatures to Gov. Jim Doyle from Wisconsin citizens who object to a massive federal takeover of the healthcare system. 

"This represents the voice of folks across Wisconsin, and they are saying loud and clear: stop wasteful healthcare spending, and don't cripple us with more debt at a time when we cannot afford it," Neumann said at a news conference outside Doyle's office. "This is the worst of the career politician mindset: ignore the will of the people and resist any attempt at innovation that can actually increase competition while bringing down costs." 

As Governor, Neumann will request a state waiver from the healthcare law within his first 60 days in office. Neumann has also said he would give the Attorney General the authority to proceed with legal action in an effort to exempt Wisconsin from the federal law, as a number of other states are now doing. 

"At the same time, I will work to enact conservative solutions to control costs while also increasing coverage and improving access," Neumann added. "My plan for healthcare reform will ultimately give Wisconsin a real advantage in attracting jobs." 

Neumann has introduced a 'Wisconsin Prescription for Healthcare Reform' that calls for tort reform, a 110-percent Wisconsin tax deduction on health insurance costs for individuals and businesses, lifting restrictions on insurance company competition across state lines, and taking action to encourage health savings accounts participation. The full plan is available at


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