Scott Walker Convention Speech Highlights

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Scott Walker Convention Speech Highlights

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker addressed more than 1,000 Wisconsin Republican at their state convention today.   Walker told an enthusiastic crowd of supporters that it’s time to take our government back.

Cutting Spending

We slashed the county debt and reduced the government workforce by more than 20%. Because of that, we improved our bond rating. And last year, when the state faced its largest budget deficit ever, we had an $8.9 million surplus.  Money we'll use to cut property taxes.

Just like me, there are plenty of people trying to save money in this state. I would just like the government to have to save money like the rest of us. It's what I call a bit of brown bag common sense - based on three simple principles:  Don't spend more money than you have.  Smaller government is better government.  People create jobs, not the government.  

Holding the Line on Taxes

Our plan calls for reducing government spending and cutting taxes not taxing you to hell and back with the promise of a 10% discount.

Eight years ago, the naysayers said we couldn't balance the budget without raising taxes, yet last fall, I introduced my eight consecutive budget without raising the property tax levy from the previous year.

Doing More with Less

Eight years ago, the naysayers said we couldn't control spending without sacrificing core services. Wrong again. Because of major improvements, our airport is one of the fastest growing in the country; creating nearly 1,000 new jobs with the airlines.  We eliminated the waiting list for long-term care for seniors; and (get this) we even received the gold medal for the best parks in the country.

Taking our Government Back

Eight years ago, the naysayers said we couldn't take back our government here in Milwaukee County. They said there was no way a fiscal conservative could be elected in Milwaukee. They said it couldn't be done but we did it; not once, not twice but three times - the third with about 60% of the vote in a county Barrack Obama carried with two-thirds of the vote.

 If we can take on the political machine in Milwaukee County and win - not just at the ballot box but in how we govern - imagine what we can do to take on the political machine in Madison and win for all of the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

There is no place in the world better than our Wisconsin. What I found on this campaign is what is failing us is not our people or our places. What is failing us is our government.  The good news is that we can do something about that...we can take back our government.

On Creating 250,000 Jobs

We have a plan to get government out of the way so that the businesses of this state can put more people to work.

Our plan calls for reducing government spending and cutting taxes not taxing you to hell and back with the promise of a 10% discount.

Our plan calls for reducing regulations and easing litigation costs, not adding more red tape and mandating higher insurance costs.

Our plan calls for making schools more accountable to the families they serve, not abdicating control of our kids' education to Madison bureaucrats.

Our plan calls for reducing health care costs through market-driven solutions, not by forcing us to buy an expensive health care mandate.

Our plan calls for reliable and cost effective sources of power, not mandating billions of dollars in new spending to produce the same energy we use today.

Our plan calls for strengthening our transportation system fixing our roads and bridges, not raiding the segregated transportation funds as our infrastructure crumbles.

If we enact this plan, I believe that the people of Wisconsin (not the government) can create 250,000 new jobs by the end of our first term. 

“When I first laid out this plan, you would of thought I dropped a nuclear bomb. The liberals went wild.  The media went crazy.  Even my Republican opponent said it couldn't be done.”


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