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Madison…Candidate Tom Barrett announced for Governor in December and was absent in the debate on growing our economy until today when he introduced a proposal filled with Republican ideas, said Reps. Robin Vos (R-Caledonia) and Mike Huebsch (R-West Salem).  Their question to Barrett is where was he this spring when the Republicans introduced these ideas and they died under Democratic leadership?

“Stealing other people’s homework and peddling it to the voters of Wisconsin shows that Tom Barrett is not only a fraud, but that he has absolutely no original ideas,” said Huebsch.

Vos and Huebsch highlighted a few of the many ideas in Barrett’s plan that were directly stolen from Republicans:

Jobs Now Initiative: Assembly and Senate Republicans introduced this plan earlier this year and held numerous public hearings with private business people throughout the state to understand what government could do to help them flourish in this state. Barrett didn’t even try to change the name!

But the biggest difference, according to Vos and Huebsch, is that the first priority of the Republicans Jobs Now Initiative was to repeal job-killing tax increases implemented by Doyle. Barrett has no such plan.

Freezing of all new regulations: AB 931 – Rep. Pat Strachota

Job Creation Tax Cut – AB 969 – Reps. Robin Vos and Mike Huebsch

Rapid Response Team For Business – Act 28 – Introduced as a budget amendment by Rep. Vos and vetoed by Doyle

“Not only did Tom Barrett steal other people’s homework,” said Vos, “but he also failed to do his own by copying already-existing ideas.”

Huebsch and Vos said Barrett’s job plan talks about introducing a supply chain initiative.  This idea (AB 864) was signed into law by Governor Doyle last week.  Another idea touted by Barrett, continued Vos, is a small business ombudsman. The Department of Commerce already has a Small Business Ombudsman.

“Telling people what they want to hear is not true leadership,” said Vos. “Based on his track record of inaction how can we trust that any of this will actually occur.”


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