The Grand Experiment

Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor

The Grand Experiment

In case you haven't noticed, the grand experiment in Europe called "socialism" has fallen on hard times.  Lately, the news is full of Greece's problems, but Greece's socialism experiment is affecting almost all of Europe.

For years we have watched Democrats, especially those from Wisconsin, look over the pond with envy.  They have said if we could only have trains like those in Europe. Health care like they have in England.  A pension system like that ofGreece.  A ruling class of bureaucrats to make every decision for its citizens.  Not surprisingly, even with all the blatant turmoil in the news, the Democrats haven't changed their tune.

The cold hard fact is that Europe is in debt and is broke.  It can no longer support the vast array of "free" benefits it provides for its citizens.  There are more people in the wagon than pulling it!

In Wisconsin Governor Doyle and the Democratic majority in both houses of the legislature are on the same road as their European colleagues.  They have Wisconsin billions in debt and have created a burdensome regulatory and tax structure where even our best companies may have no option but to leave the State.  Essentially, they put the people of Wisconsin on one of those European trains and sent it down the wrong track.

What the Democrats have forgotten is the graduates from our great Wisconsin schools need jobs.  The best train in the world can't take you anywhere if you don't have work.  Furthermore, the best safety net is a "hand up" not a "hand out."  

As mayor of Superior I have faced these problems and more.  I am the only candidate for Lieutenant Governor that has chief executive experience.

For over 20 years I was a self employed small businessman.  I understand that a successful business cannot spend more revenue than it takes in and that's what my administration changed in Superior.  Under my watch, we have reduced the city's debt by more than 20 percent.  The size of our local government has been reduced by over 10 percent and we have held the line on taxes while we delivered the lowest cost and highest quality service to our taxpayers.  Throughout my tenure as Mayor of Superior, my administration has provided the Proven, Dependable Leadership that Wisconsin needs more than ever.

I am thankful that the people of Superior have given me the privilege to serve as their mayor for all this time.  I care deeply for our great state and that's why I'm a candidate for Lieutenant Governor.  It would be an honor if you'd stop by my website at to learn more about my record and my position on the critical issues.  While you're there, I'd be humbled if you'd make adonation to help put Wisconsin back on the right track.

I'd be grateful for your support and I would like the opportunity to meet you at theState Republican Convention this weekend in Milwaukee.  Please join us Friday night in our hospitality suite at the Hyatt Regency.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Dave Ross - Proven Dependable Leadership


Dave Ross for Lieutenant Governor

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