Terrence Gets a Big Endorsement

Today, our campaign got a big boost by receiving the endorsement of former Wisconsin Governor Scott McCallum.

"Terrence Wall has balanced budgets for the last 20 years as a small business owner. That's exactly the kind of experience we need in Washington today. I'm endorsing Terrence because I know he will stand up to the power brokers in Washington - Democrats or Republicans - and fight for a balanced budget that won't saddle our children with any more debt. As Governor, I wasn't afraid to propose true spending cutes, and I know Terrence won't be either."

- Former Wisconsin Governor Scott McCallum

Governor McCallum is a true fiscal conservative who wasn't afraid to buck the system and Terrence is honored to receive his endorsement. It's one more sign that our campaign is gaining momentum.

In Case You Missed It

Terrence also made a pledge to the people of Wisconsin that he would never vote for an unbalanced budget. For too long, Democrats and Republicans have been mortgaging our children's future and Terrence finally said, "enough is enough."

So that you can always hold him accountable for his pledge, you can find it on our website, It will remain posted there until Terrence wins in November. After that, he'll post it on his official Senate website so the voters of Wisconsin can always hold him accountable.

Let's Get Working!

Ryan Murray Campaign Manager

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