Taxpayer Waste Alert from Brett Davis for Lt. Governor

DNR Uses Taxpayer Funds to Advertise for "Animal Rights" Organization

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently spent $6,000 on radio ads for a radical left-wing special interest group, named HSUS. According to HSUS' own website the organization works "to create meaningful social change for animals."  Sportsmen and women across the state believe HSUS is a fringe group aimed at ending hunting and trapping in Wisconsin and throughout the United States.”

Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for the DNR to run radio ads on behalf of a group that wants to destroy Wisconsin’s hunting heritage.

When I kicked off my campaign I pledged to transform the lieutenant governor's office into the leading taxpayer watchdog in the state with the chief mission of rooting out waste, fraud and abuse.  Certainly, paying for radio ads to promote an extreme animal rights organization is wasteful spending. 

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State government should not be spending money on radio ads for a liberal special interest group that wants to end hunting in Wisconsin. To get our economy back on track we need to lower the tax burden for families and businesses, which starts by eliminating wasteful government spending. 

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