Drawing a Line in the Sand

I am drawing a line in the sand on government spending. As I have traveled Wisconsin the last six months, one theme that I hear in all corners of our state is that people just don't trust our elected officials anymore. Too many of them campaign against wasteful spending in Wisconsin and then turn around and vote for billions and billions in new spending in Washington.

I am different.

I am a businessman, not a politician, so I don't take promises lightly. In the business world, one's word is one's bond, so I make my words count.

With that in mind, I want to make clear that I'm not simply promising that I'll try to control spending, I am making a solemn pledge to the People of Wisconsin:

I will never vote for a budget that's not balanced. Period.

I entered this race because I simply can not tolerate the continued out-of-control spending in Washington. As I look at my two young daughters, I know that our government is spending away their future before they've been allowed to live it. Before either one of them ever earns their first paycheck, they will already owe tens of thousands of dollars each towards our national debt. It's simply unacceptable.

With the media reporting that the United States reported its 19th straight month of deficit spending and the Bank of England reporting that our country is facing the same problems as the now bankrupt Greece, we must act now.

I'm making my pledge in writing and putting it on my campaign website for the duration of my campaign. When I'm elected this November, I will put that same pledge on my official Senate website to ensure that throughout my term, voters will hold me accountable for my pledge.

Wisconsin deserves no less.

Let's Get Working!

Terrence Wall

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