Press Release: John Gard and Cate Zeuske: "Neumann Best to Lead Wisconsin"

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Former Assembly Speaker and Former State Treasurer to Serve as Campaign Co-Chairs Gard: "Mark is a proven conservative who has a plan to cut wasteful government spending, lower taxes and create jobs."

WAUKESHA, Wis. - May 12, 2010 - Former Wisconsin Assembly Speaker John Gard and former Wisconsin State Treasurer Cate Zeuske announced today that they formally endorseMark Neumann for Governor and will serve as campaign Co-Chairs. 

At events today in the Milwaukee area, Madison and Green Bay, Gard and Zeuske joined Neumann to offer their enthusiastic support. 

"As a former State Treasurer and Revenue Secretary, I understand the seriousness of Wisconsin's budget mess," Zeuske stated. "I'm supporting Mark because he is the best candidate to cut wasteful government spending and fix the budget. He has decades ofprivate sector experience and a stellar record in Congress in the 1990s. He successfully fought for balanced budgets and lower taxes that led to job growth. Mark's conservative credentials are bulletproof. 

"I urge people across this great state to join me in backing Mark Neumann as Wisconsin's next Governor," Zeuske concluded. 

"I know firsthand about the dysfunction in Madison," Gard noted. "Liberals there are tough as nails and will fight our next Governor every step of the way as he tries to reform state government. 

"I've followed the race for Governor closely and studied all the candidates because I want to back a conservative I can trust to stand strong for the principles of less government spending, lower taxes and a free market environment that will create jobs," Gard added. "Mark Neumann is that conservative leader." 

"I'm so pleased to have earned the support of John and Cate. They are both conservative champions and I am honored to have them on our team as campaign Co-Chairs," Neumann said. "This continues our campaign's tremendous momentum." 

Gard served as a Republican legislative leader for the Fox Valley in the Wisconsin Assembly from 1987 to 2007, and as the Assembly Speaker from 2003 to 2007. 

Zeuske served as Wisconsin State Treasurer from 1991-1994 and served as Revenue Secretary in former Governor Tommy Thompson's cabinet. 

Gard and Zeuske's endorsements come on the heels of a series of independent polls that show Neumann's campaign has all the momentum. The most recent Rasmussen poll shows Mark Neumann is better known and better liked than all other candidates for Governor. His campaign also has nearly 50,000 Facebook fans - more than any other Republican candidate for Governor in America.


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