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On The Road with Dave: Defeating Terrorism

“For those who wish America harm, or are still unaware of the inevitable outcome of the War on Terror, or who think America will compromise, negotiate, or tolerate acts of terror in our homeland, there is only one response--one sacred commitment from America to her people: we win, they lose.  The torch of liberty will stay lit.”

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Relying on a Malfunction Is In Itself a Failure

On May 1st, America dodged another potentially devastating terrorist attack.  And once again, it was due to malfunctioning explosives and alert civilians that we avoided carnage in the streets of New York City.  The problem is, however, that the bomber was still able to build and deliver a weapon of mass destruction to his intended target, walk away from it without arrest, and nearly flee the country by airplane.  All the while the administration thinks that it's doing a great job cracking down on terror. 


How does a failed bombing attempt--due to a malfunctioning explosive--mean that America's immediate threat from terrorism has passed?  Where are all the leaders on this issues?  Who is standing up to say "no more?"  Who is standing up for the safety of Americans?  Relying on a malfunctioning explosive device is--unfortunately--proof-positive that our national stance on terror is weak, and that we are all still at risk.

Terrorist Acts Are Attempted by Terrorists...Not Defendants

The first reaction of our elected officials after the May 1st bombing attempt was to refer to the suspect as a "defendant."  Isn't someone who attempts to carry out an act of terror a terrorist?  If we're going to ever be able to take this threat seriously, don't we first have to stop being so politically correct about it?  Why isn't the President and his administration leading by example and calling terrorists exactly what they are?  Why are we worried about offending those who want to kill us?  It's time  to take off the "kid gloves" and step into the ring to fight this head-on.

Liberty will always be at odds with tyranny...and Freedom with terror.  Fortunately, liberty and freedom are the paths aligned with our destiny...and will therefore always be the right paths to take.  Let's get back on course, America--the cost of failing to do so is too great!

I hope you enjoy the video and I look forward to seeing you on the road…

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