Ben Collins for Lt. Governor E-Newsletter

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A TOXIC BUSINESS CLIMATE AND HARLEY DAVIDSON :     Last week, Harley Davidson announced that it needs to cut $54 million dollars in local manufacturing. Regretfully, this is just another instance of a lack of leadership in Madison and politicians on their heels in the fight to keep businesses here and bring new jobs to Wisconsin. I will fight for Wisconsin and go on the offensive to create a better business climate in Wisconsin by lowering taxes, repealing combined reporting and cutting the unnecessary regulations. 

   Jim Doyle has said that combined reporting had nothing to do with Harley's announcement. This statement speaks to the broken political machine in Madison. This tax cost Harley Davidson $22.5 million dollars. To say it had "nothing" to do with it is absoluetly absurd. Combined Reporting is another symptom of our toxic business climate in Wisconsin. 

   As a Harley rider, I want to keep quality Wisconsin businesses like Harley Davidson here. This isn't only about helping saving a business, it is about Wisconsin pride. Please read my statement on this latest symptom of our lack of leadership in Wisconsin.

TEA Parties:      I had a blast attending the TEA Parties across the state and look forward to many more over the coming weeks and months.  One thing is clear, we are tired of politicians in Madison preaching about fiscal restraint and then governing like liberals. I will fight as your next Lt. Governor to restore our states rights under the 10th Amendment and with our next Republican Governor, will restore fiscal sanity to Wisconsin state government.

Veterans:      My campaign has connected with Veterans from nearly all of our 72 counties. I am looking forward to meeting many more of you. Be sure that you do not miss the LZ Lambeau, the welcome home for our Vietnam Veterans on May 21-23 at Lambeau Field. If you are a Veteran and want more info about this event or my campaign, please let us know by sending us an e-mail.      Like all who have served, I understand the sacrifices that have been and are being made for our rights and freedoms. Politicians in Madison just don't get it. Men and women have shed blood for this democracy, and politicians who have no idea are throwing it away.   Please join my fight to end politics as usual, visit today. 

A little biography:      Collins, a decorated combat officer who completed three tours in Afghanistan, earned his Green Beret when he became a Special Forces Officer. He took command of a Special Forces Detachment and served as the Assistant Operations Officer managing all the daily combat operations and contingency planning for over 150 Special Forces Soldiers. Collins valor and leadership in combat earned him the Army Commendation Medal with "V" device for Heroism. 

    Collins is a co-founder of defense technology and software pioneer, Aptus Technologies, Inc. Based in Lake Geneva, WI, the company's mission is to translate lessons learned in combat quickly into new and improved technological solutions that will help protect the lives of American soldiers. The company has charted an ambitious course to grow and to create new, 21st-century jobs in Wisconsin and across the United States.

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