Press Release: Senator Tom Coburn Strongly Endorses Mark Neumann

For Immediate Release

Monday, May 3, 2010

Contact: Chris Lato

(608) 219-7231


Congressman Paul Ryan to Co-Host Fundraiser with Coburn

WAUKESHA, Wis. - May 3, 2010 - Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) are holding a fundraiser for Mark Neumann's campaign for Governor on May 4. 

Congressman Ryan has represented Wisconsin's First Congressional District in Southeast Wisconsin since 1998 - when he succeeded Mark Neumann. 

Senator Coburn is a national conservative leader, known for his repeated battles with the big spenders in both parties. Coburn has offered more amendments than any of his colleagues including amendments to eliminate funding for the "Bridge to Nowhere," (republican offered) the "Woodstock Museum" in New York and countless other special interests earmarks sponsored by members of both parties. 

Below is a statement Senator Coburn released: 

"In the race for Wisconsin Governor, I urge Republicans to nominate and elect Mark Neumann. I know Mark personally. I've worked alongside him in the Congress. I know Mark is a Republican committed to the finest ideals of faith, family, freedom and community. 

"Without question, Mark is a conservative who has stood strong for the timeless principles we cherish. Mark proved his loyalty to the values we share when Republican Congressional leaders tried to fire Mark from the Appropriations Committee for voting repeatedly against bigger spending and more government. Mark took on the leadership, redoubled his efforts to resist wasteful spending, and helped lead like-minded colleagues who eventually balanced the budget within four years. 

"Americans today are more engaged in the political process than ever before. There is an unprecedented level of enthusiasm for limited and accountable government. Mark is the right candidate at the right time to assure those hopes are realized in Wisconsin. 

"Mark Neumann is exactly the right Republican to lead Wisconsin into a stronger, more prosperous, future."


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