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On The Road with Dave: Education. Empowerment. Exceptionalism.

“Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.”

--Edward Everett

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 Until Education Becomes a Priority, It Will Continue to be a Problem.

In the United States, we spend more on a per-pupil basis to fund education than nearly every other nation in the world...yet we lag significantly in our mastery of math, science, and several other disciplines that will be crucial for us to command  if the United States is to remain a world leader into future generations.  In some evaluations we rank as low as 19 out of 38 nations overall and are a disappointing 19 out of 21 in one subject and demographic area.  This has got to change.  Successively increased funding coupled with deteriorating results is a sign of a failed system...not failing people within the system.

The Problem Crosses All Party Lines

Education reform is not specifically an issue of funding...nor is it an issue exclusive to test scores, metrics, and accountability.  Previous efforts to "fix" education that focused on one of these or the other put teachers in the middle of the reform debate...instead of allowing them to foster a world-class environment in the classroom.  Our teachers primarily want to do a good job...they want to make our kids the best educated in the world, but bureaucratic hurdles hold them back and, in turn, hold our kids back.  This is disastrous for our future.

Having the best educated children in the world MUST be a priority for the United States.  This will only happen when politicians step away from their partisan filters and create an environment for teachers to teach, parents to guide (or, as is the case with home schoolers, also teach), and children to thrive.  That's the basis for American Exceptionalism...and we can do it--for the sake of our future, we MUST do it.      

I hope you enjoy the video and I look forward to seeing you on the road…

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